The San Angelo LRFPC members were selected through board member nominations to ensure a diverse cross-section of the SAISD community. Members include parents, non-parents, campus staff, community and business members, and a mix of backgrounds and geographic representation.


Purpose & Charge

  • Consider the educational needs of all students and align with the district’s mission, vision and goals
  • Represent the entire community, its values and perceptions in the facility planning process
  • Assess and prioritize the district’s current and long-term facility needs, including new construction, renovations and capital improvements
    • Building age, safety, and condition
    • District growth and capacity
    • Evolving educational delivery and programs
  • Create a long-range facilities and equipment plan of the district
  • Bring forward recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to how to address the district’s
    facility needs.
    • The San Angelo ISD Board of Trustees will determine the final structure and content of a long-range facilities plan based upon the recommendations of the LRFPC.


Dr. Carl Dethloff, Superintendent

Shelly Hullihen, Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services

Dr. Jeff Bright, Asst. Superintendent of
Business Support Services

Matt Kimball, Asst. Superintendent of
HR and Professional Development

Dr. Jana Reuter, Asst. Superintendent of
Curriculum and Instruction

Derrick Jackson, Director of Communications

Dr. Brian May and Dr. Javier Flores will serve as Committee Facilitators, leading each committee meeting and facilitating large group discussion. Facilitators will:


  • keep Committee focused and on task with the intentionality of making sound data-informed decisions
  • assure all ideas and/or positions are heard
  • seek to build consensus as defined by the group members
  • and will give a formal presentation to the Board of Trustees with the Committee’s final recommendations.

Committee Facilitators

Dan Baker

Mike Boyd

Krista Bradley

Dr. Brian May

Elizabeth Chambers

John Childers

Gus Clemens

Amy Deadman

Christy Diego

Dr. Javier Flores

Brenda Gunter

Ronnie Hawkins

Dr. Colleen Heartsill

Baynes Hobbs

Lorenzo Lasater

Matt Lewis

Taishi Ligon

Dr. Flor Madero

Debbi Meads

Pierce Miller

Wrey Montgomery

Dana Nolen

Angel Perez

Louie Perez

Bill Proctor

Andy Robinson

Carlos Robledo

Carlos Rodriguez

Howard Taylor

Whitney Watson Wood

Committee Members

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